Pennsylvania Online Gambling Information

Pennsylvania is home to many residents that enjoy gambling and since 2004, the state has allowed some forms of gambling to be legalised. Residents can engage in horse race betting, casino table games, poker games and slot machine play. With many casino venues and a number of horse tracks in the state, residents have some great options when they choose to gamble in Pennsylvania. However, the state is behind others in the nation when it comes to online gambling and betting. Some states have already legalised this form of gambling and others have bills in place, but this is not the case for Pennsylvania. There has been an attempt to introduce legislation, but it is not widely accepted and there is a slim chance that the proposal will be accepted.

The largest development in regards to legalising online gambling in the state occurred in April of 2013. At this time, House Bill 2135 was proposed, which would call for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to oversee the licensing and all regulations of operators that wished to provide real money gaming online within the state. A few months after the bill was proposed, members of the Gaming Oversight committee expressed concerns about the introduction of online gambling in the state and were worried about how it would affect the land casinos that are currently operating. The proposed legislation was not passed and no future bills were proposed. However, it is a topic that is still being discussed and it is possible that Pennsylvania will become one of the few states in the country to legalise online gambling, though it is unclear as to when that will happen.

Gamblers who reside in the state do have many options when they want op gamble at land locations, but for those that are looking for the convenience of playing at home at any time, there are some restrictions. There are no written laws that state that online gambling is illegal for residents of Pennsylvania, but there are no operating online casinos in the state. Those that wish to engage in gambling activities online will have to seek out a trusted and reliable off shore casino for their needs. There are many sites that accept real money players from the US, so there are tins of way to enjoy real money payouts from popular games. Until the state makes some decisions and passes bills, this is the only way for Pennsylvania residents to gamble online. Players do need to keep in mind that online casinos accepting US players are not licensed or regulated in the country. Players also have to be aware that UIGEA is in effect and this can pose some problems when making casino deposits and withdrawals. US players are not able to use credit or debit cards to fund off shore casino sites, but they can find great prepaid cards and some ewallet services that will allow them to manage their accounts and enjoy a secure gambling experience right from home.

The benefits of passing a bill that would allow legal online gambling are great for the state. Online casinos would increase revenue for the state and there would be taxed paid that would benefit the overall economy. Online gaming would also create hundreds, even thousands of new jobs for residents and would allow the state to keep proceeds from gambling instead of having them filter out to bordering states like Delaware and New Jersey, where online gambling is legal. To combat the current state definite, online gambling bills are being looked at once again. It is believed that Pennsylvania will submit a proposed bill this year in hopes of legalising online gambling, but it is unclear as to when that will happen. Previous bills have been shot down, but this year, it is hopeful that the state will look at things differently and realise the benefits of legal online gambling, many of which will boost the economy and help with the state deficit. These reasons alone are promising as they could be what are needed to get the bills passed.

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