California Online Gambling Information

In recent years, some US states have passed laws that now allow online gambling activities for residents. With the ability to play online poker, casino games and enjoy other betting activities, some residents are free to gamble online with no restrictions or legal ramifications. California has not yet passed any law that allows this form of gambling, but it is one that is being considered strongly. In 2014, there were two bills drafted that were designed to legalise online gambling in the state and both of these were put on hold. Law makers claimed that there was not enough time remaining in the year to create the standards that would be necessary to successful run and operate such sites. For about 5 years now, online gambling has bent the subject of debate in California and while it is believed that these laws will soon pass, it is not known when legalised gambling will become available. At this time, just Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey offer online gambling activities, but California is pushing ahead and may be the next state to offer legislation allowing this form of gambling to take place.

Since the 19th century, gambling has been a popular activity in California and the state is home to some great gambling locations. The state has liberal laws pertaining to gambling and there are tribal casinos, horse racing tracks and a great pari-mutuel betting system. There are many locations throughout the state where poker rooms are legal and players can find some awesome locations for high paying poker action and tournament play. Despite the popularity of gambling in the state, online gambling has not been legalised as it has in other states. California has made efforts to legalise online gambling and betting and the main focus has been on poker. Bills have been submitted to establish regulations, but not much process has been made. One thing that is holding things back is the agreement between parties that would be affected by online gambling, including the Native American tribes that now operate land based casinos as well as some organisations that are operating legal card rooms in the state.

Some Native American tribes have supported the bills that have been submitted while others have strongly opposed them. While it is not required for any party to agree on the bills, it would be beneficial to come to an agreement so that land casinos can continue operating successfully with no problems once online gambling becomes legal. Even though there are no clear cut dates, it is safe to assume that California will be the next US state to legalise gaming online. When this happens, it is expected that the state will become one of the largest online gambling markets in the country.

Since no legislation has yet been passed in the state, players who are looking to enjoy online gambling activities will still have to turn to off shore casino sites that are operating. There are some restrictions that US players will face when doing this, many due to UIGEA. It can be quite difficult for any US player to fund a casino account online since the act restricts banks and financial institutions from processing any transaction to or from an online casino or betting site off shore. While this does present a hurdle for players, it is not impossible to gamble online and there are no federal laws that prevent players from doing so. Until legal online gambling is available in California, players will have to rely on these offshore.

Many believe that online gambling in the state will be available at the end of 2015, though no bills have yet been passed. When it does become legal, players will be able to enjoy poker rooms and online casino games that can present endless ways to enjoy a secure gambling experience. Until then, off shore casinos are the top choice and with many sites catering to US players, there are multiple option for anyone interested in gambling online and collecting payouts from some of the best games in the entire industry.

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